First Market of 2014!

It was lovely to see so many visitors to the farm for our first Craft and Food Market of the year. This was also the first market under the new manager, Jenny Dell, who brought in some new faces and some familiar ones.

A lot is happening on the farm at the moment as we are getting ready for the lambing season. We have brought the ‘mums-to-be’ into the lambing shed to keep an eye on them.

It was the piglets that stole the scene this weekend. We have penned off an area near the polytunnel where Chris Slaughter will be growing the vegetables for his restaurant. This area was covered in nettles so the piglets have found seventh heaven rooting them out. In just a few days the ground will be weeded, turned, and fertilized. That’s ‘no-dig’ gardening the Hazeldene way!

Mums in waiting

Mums in waiting

Ewe at Hazeldene Farm

Any day now…

Piglets at Hazeldene Farm

Rooting piglets

Piglets at Hazeldene Farm

Nearly got it…

Piglets at Hazeldene Farm

Coming up for air

Piglets at Hazeldene Farm

This is fun!

Craft Market at Haxeldene Farm

Tasting the Hazeldene sausages and burgers

Farm tour at Hazeldene

Blackthorn blossom frames the farm tour

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